What You Need to Know About the Dental Practice Acquisition Process

What You Need to Know About the Dental Practice Acquisition Process

Embarking on dental practice ownership requires a strategic approach. At Dental Coach USA, you can count on us to provide valuable information on the acquisition process, and we are confident our webinars won’t disappoint! Contact us today to learn more.


Planning Session with a Strategic Focus

Embarking on practice ownership may seem daunting, and that's why our initial step involves a collaborative session with your practice buyer liaison. Together, we'll delve into defining your ideal practice by establishing your philosophy, vision, mission, goals, and dreams. Once this groundwork is set, we craft a personalized action plan.


Identifying Suitable Practices

In this phase, we assist you in locating a practice that aligns with the criteria identified in step one. Our proven process facilitates successful outreach to potential sellers in your desired area. Upon finding the right practice, the attorney steps in to aid in the creation of a letter of intent.


Financing for Your Practice

Eliminate the uncertainty of finding the right lender with our expert assistance. We ensure you secure the best rates and terms available. Once the lending process begins, we handle all communication with the lender and streamline the submission of required documents, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


Thorough Due Diligence

Undoubtedly a critical phase, our due diligence coach conducts a comprehensive business evaluation and scrutinizes books and records. This meticulous examination serves as a guide, revealing the strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas of the practice. It is a crucial step to determine whether the practice represents a sound and secure investment.

Navigating dental practice acquisition is complex, but with strategic planning and expert assistance, success is within reach. From defining your practice vision to diligent due diligence, our guide ensures you're supported at every step. With a dedicated team by your side, your journey to practice ownership is set for success. Get in touch with us today!