What Our Clients Say:

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Dr. Jesse Toftely

I just had the most incredible experience working with Dental Coach USA to start my dental practice. From start to finish, their team provided invaluable guidance, support, and expertise, ensuring the success of my venture.

Throughout the entire process, Dental Coach USA offered a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically for dental start-ups. They helped me navigate everything from formulating a solid business plan to finding the perfect location for my practice. Their expertise in market research and analysis was truly impressive, as they provided me with invaluable insight into my target audience and competitive landscape.

What truly sets Dental Coach USA apart is their personalized approach. They took the time to understand my vision for the practice and tailor their recommendations accordingly. Their team also offered extensive training and coaching on dental practice management, including marketing strategies, team building, and patient relationship management. This not only equipped me with the skills I needed to thrive in the industry but also instilled confidence in my abilities as a dental professional.

If you're considering starting a dental practice, I highly recommend partnering with Dental Coach USA. Their expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to their clients make them the ideal companion for any dental practice start-up. With their help, I now have a flourishing practice that I am proud to call my own.

Thank you, Dental Coach USA, for going above and beyond to support my dental practice start-up. I couldn't have done it without you!

Dr. Stephen Donoghue

There is not enough space to put how helpful Dental Coach USA has been for me! Everything from their practice selection to business growth is involved and systematic. When I bought my practice, this/my team was more prepared and proactive than even the broker. Their recommendations for CPAs and attorneys are competitive and affordable. I had consistent meetings with both Jayden and Bob and continue now with James for the business growth consulting. The amount of work they put in for their clients really show and I don't know where I would be without them. Thank you Dental Coach USA

Dr. Kashif Ahmed

Dental Coach USA are the most amazing coaches and people. They are very caring and will be with you each step of the way during the practice transition. They made sure they were always available to answer phone calls and guide me throughout the entire process of dental practice transitioning. Highly recommend Dental Coach USA.

Dr. Nina Hashemi

I was referred to Dental Coach USA through one of my friends when I moved back home to San Diego and was ready to start the stressful process of purchasing my own practice. From the moment we first spoke, it was clear that they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the dental industry. They reassured me that they would find me the right practice for me and they advocated for me to get the best rate for my loan. Dental Coach USA has an exceptional ability to assess dental practice’s strengths and weaknesses. They introduced me to several different practices until I found the right fit for me.

I used Dental Coach USA to help me through every step of the way while acquiring my dental practice. The process was not easy, we had a few laughs and a couple cries along the way dealing with the many different moving parts. DCUSA displayed exceptional communication skills during the transaction with the seller and landlord, so much so that even the seller ended up utilizing their services. DCUSA has a network of people that they connects you with to help you through the process of new business ownership including an accountant, a transition specialist and a marketing team, helping to make a stressful event more pleasant. I am forever grateful to them and would highly recommend Dental Coach USA. Their expertise, professionalism and commitment to excellence are unparalleled. In DCUSA we trust :)

Dr. Kevin Tan

I was able to work with Dental Coach USA for a few months after moving down to San Diego and began my search for a dental practice to transition into. They were an incredible resource when searching through broker listings and potential practices. They would literally take my calls and texts at all times of the day and night and even while my coach was on his vacation (sorry Bob).

I was able to find the PERFECT office and fit with the help of DCUSA and I could not be more grateful. DCUSA has a wealth of knowledge in just about every aspect of the dental industry and if they do not know something I can almost assure you that they know someone who does.

I highly recommend to reach out and speak with DCUSA if you are looking to buy or sell your practice.

Dr. Ayman Balshe

A great team of experts. I can’t imagine going through my purchase without their help. They were always available and prompt. I wouldn’t ever think twice to recommend them to everyone. THANK YOU DENTAL COACH USA

Dr. Faith Barreyro

If you're thinking of becoming a practice owner or looking to improve your existing practice I would 10/10 recommend Dental Coach USA.

Dr. Ivana Racic

Dental Coach USA has a unique skill set in the dental industry, business consulting, and networking with key people. I would highly recommend to every who is thinking of buying a dental practice.

Dr. Quynh Tran

I’ve relied on Dental Coach USA’s career coaching for the past 15 years and will continue to do so for as long as I practice.